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Frequently Asked Questions...

Answers to our most frequently asked questions about our cleaning services...


Why are some services cheaper than others?

If you think a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur.  The underground market seems less expensive on the surface but in the long run, it really isn’t. What is your time worth?  Cheaper services generally require finding a housekeeper, verifying their background, and training them by you.  You have to manage, supervise, and pay their payroll taxes despite their claim that they are an ”independent contractor” (the IRS almost never agrees therefore you are liable for all federal withholding taxes and labor law compliance).  The “savings” are not worth the risk, especially if the cleaner is undocumented or brings undocumented “relatives” to help clean.  Non-professional cleaners often give the cleaning industry a bad name by not paying taxes and hiring illegal workers.

Who provides the chemicals and equipment?

For sanitation purposes, we use your supplies and equipment unless you don’t want to provide them. The sharing of supplies exposes each home to germs and pet dander from the other homes that are cleaned.  However, each Cleaning Tech has equipment and supplies on hand for emergencies.

Do I need to be home for the cleaning?

We understand that everyone has life happening, so we do not expect anyone to be present during the cleaning. We are comfortable cleaning it and locking it up for you when we finish. All that is required is for you to provide us with the garage/door code or spare key to enter the home.

What if I need to skip or cancel my service?

We require a 48 BUSINESS HOUR notice on all initial cleans and a 24 BUSINESS HOUR notice on all recurring service cleanings.

What if I need some extra tasks or services?

We can do what you want.  Just call at least 24 hours before to make your special requests and we will quote you a price for the additional time.  Ovens, fridge, laundry?  Yes!

How do I prepare my home for cleaning?

The only thing we ask in preparation for the cleaning is to remove clutter so that we can work effectively to clean all surfaces. If we will be changing your linens, we ask you to put out clean sheets on top of the bed. If you need help with clutter, please see our organization services here.

What about my pets?

We love them, and we’ll treat them like our own.  Your special instructions will be noted on your Work Order so the Cleaning Tech will know your wishes with regard to your pets.

Should I have a Spring Cleaning every year?

We do recommend our clients to have a Top To Bottom Deluxe Cleaning annually to maintain those out-of-reach places that are not a part of the normal Maintenance routine. If your home is on our Maintenance routine, it is less expensive than the first time Deluxe Cleaning because the rest of the house is already at Maintenance level!

Will my sessions be confidential?

You betcha! All meetings, conversations, and questions are between you and I, and no one else. To see other guidelines I stand by, please read the bottom section of my About page.

Do you work on Saturday?

Yes, upon request and subject to availability.

What payments are accepted?

I accept cash, checks and all major credit cards, and payment is due at the time of service. You can leave cash or check on the counter or we can charge the credit card the day of the cleaning.

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