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“Before working with Taylor’d To You Solutions, I was unorganized and had a ton of junk in places that caused a bunch of stress in our home. But now, I’m able to feel good and make the best use of our space. What I love most about working with them is they paid attention to our needs, not just their suggestions..”

David M.

Organizing Client

Before working with Taylor'd To You Solutions I was doing everything myself.  As the owner of a growing small business, I was simply overwhelmed, so my office wasn't getting cleaned like it should and things were constantly out of order.  Cassi and her team came in and have provided me with a seamless and affordable solution with customer service that is very hard to find these days.  Before I used Taylor'd To You Solutions I would almost dread coming into the office because I knew all of the extra work I would need to do.  Now, with their help, my office is a place of order and organization which allows me to be much more productive.  I highly recommend Cassi and her team.  You won't be disappointed, and your life will probably get much easier... just like mine has!

Jeremy B.

Cleaning Client

Cassi has helped me organize many rooms in my home! She helped me make a home for the things I have and helped me purge things that I don’t need! Having a place for each item makes for a much easier clean up! Almost 2 years ago we organized my daughter’s room, and it is still functioning beautifully today!

Jessica V.

Organizing Client

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